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doctor who + space

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Oh you’ve had a life of work & sleep, telly & rent & tax & takeaway dinners, all birthdays & Christmases, & 2 weeks holiday a year & then you end up here. Donna Noble, citizen of the Earth, standing on a different planet.

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"Tommy [Luke Smith] refers to his friend Sanjay. Now had we continued, Sanjay would have been Luke’s boyfriend. Because children’s BBC [CBBC] wanted to have - I’ve never said this in any interview anywhere - wanted us to have a gay character on children’s BBC. Just a normal gay character. And so they said to us, ‘Can you do that with [The] Sarah Jane [Adventures] and, I don’t even think some of the writers on the show know this, because obviously we got taken off air sadly. Tommy [Knight, who played Luke Smith] wanted to come back into the show and we were going to approach him and say, ‘Do you mind if he’s gay and has a boyfriend?’ So that was the plan, because of Steven Andrew [then Head of Drama and Acquisitions for CBBC] wanted it but it never came to pass. Isn’t that sad? It’s a shame." (x)

- Russel T. Davies

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i love how doctor who is so convoluted there are literally friendly-worded high school textbook helper side sections on the wiki to break down/simplify character histories “The Master — Making Sense of the 1990’s” i’m crying

Where’s the fun for me? I don’t want to go home.

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favorite scene per episode: season 3 [14/14]

3.14 - the last of the time lords


aisforinterval said: i don't mind DW crossovers as much, because first of all, it means TIME TRAVEL. second of all, if you make sure to keep sam and the master separate, you can have some amazing jokes. like if jack harkness passed sam in the street, froze and just /stared/ at him, and when sam said "what?", jack PUNCHED HIM IN THE FACE AND RAN LIKE HELL. (i haven't been thinking about this crossover what are you talking about)


agreed! If done nicely, DW/LoM crossovers can be quite fun (I AM LOOKING AT YOU CIDI YOU AMAZING HUMAN BEING OK). But if it’s generic stuff like Sam being the Master and somesuch, I just… bluh. It might be a general allergic reaction to DW fandom taking over a lot of things, what with LoM being the “weaker” fandom in terms of numbers and popularity, and Simm and his odd relationship to DW and being recognized for that mostly instead for things like LoM and… eh idek, I’m rambling early in the morning hahahhhh

man, if you think I’ve done anything as original as not Sam!Master, then I am afraid my fic will be TERRIBLY, TERRIBLY DISAPPOINTING

that said, totally with you on how DW tends to take over all LoM in all but the most conscientious of crossover fics, so my entire goal has been to make it LoM-centric every step of the way. because jesus christ do I love the Sam!Master concept and it’s unfair that DW-centric fans have sort of left a bad taste in everyone’s mouths about it, so I guess I’m taking it back, guys, I'm taking it back

p.s. cello re: your other answer, my goal is to now convince you of gene/sam!master, my fic’s goal is to convince everyone of gene/sam!master, such horrible delicious things will happen such horrible horrible things


p.p.s. ……or maybe that’s just me that appeals to, idk


"Rescuing" him… from himself?


"Rescuing" him… from himself?

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